Our people make all the difference.

Since 2015, we’ve been relentlessly cultivating the one thing that stands as our most prized achievement – a robust culture that unites our people and propels our business forward. This unwavering commitment forms the essence of our RAW (Real, Authentic, and Willling) culture, serving as the core of all our endeavours – setting the standard for our conduct, influencing our hiring choices, and shaping the manner in which we bring our visions to life.

Our RAW culture is the heartbeat and spirit of our every action, providing a yardstick for the distinctive way we operate. A formidable culture ensures that each member of the RAW family comprehends the hows and whys of our unconventional approach, sharing in our collective ambition to yield optimal outcomes for the project, our clients, and ourselves. It’s a testament to our dedication to authenticity, a commitment to being real and wild, as we navigate the landscape of our industry with a passion to create unparalleled results.

Meet Our Fabulous Team

Rory McKercher

Founder / Managing Director

Brenton Edis

Co-Owner / General Manager

Jarryd Chapman

Project Manager

Matthew Sandry


Andrew Poole

Project Manager

Sam Freeman

Project Manager/Leading Hand

Ebony Loftus

Accounts and Payroll Manager

Jayde Light

Junior Project Coordinator

Richard Truong

Leading Hand/Site Foreman

Michael Harwood

Leading Hand/Site Foreman

Ethan Ashmore

Leading Hand/Site Foreman

Ashden Gramlick

Leading Hand/Site Foreman

Jordan Rice

Leading Hand/Site Foreman